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    Home Repair Apprenticeship Program

The Maintenance Man LLC. Apprenticeship Program teaches skills in the trade of home repair with on the job training. Get paid to learn lifelong skills from Cleveland's Top Rated Handyman to jump start your career in a high demand field.

Learn from Cleveland's Top Rated Handyman

The Maintenance Man LLC Cleveland Handyman The Maintenance Man LLC Cleveland Handyman Handyman Cleveland Maintenance Man Cleveland Ohio Handyman

The Maintenance Man is a highly skilled home repair and handyman tradesman with over 20 years of experience in the home repair, commercial and healthcare industry. Having advanced skills in carpentry, plumbing and electrical has been beneficial in having a successful career in the healthcare industry as a maintenance director ensuring that the facility was well maintained and in working order following both OSHA and JCAHO guidelines ensuring patient and visitor safety. This led to owning and operating a successful handyman business servicing both residential and commercial properties in Cuyahoga County.  Since establishing the business as a sole proprietor in 2018 The Maintenance Man has completed over 1000 service request.



The skilled trades industry is a high demand industry facing complex employment challenges due to the lack of experienced workers in the workforce. Skilled trades careers will always be in demand and is critical to our country’s infrastructure. Skilled trades can be used in a myriad of employment sectors both entrepreneurial and corporate. Skilled trades are utilized in home repair, building and facilities maintenance, and construction providing a comfortable salary.



The Maintenance Man Apprenticeship Program is committed to providing lifelong skills to qualified individuals. Our passion for high quality results expands from our field service to your training. Our mission is to provide our clients top tier reliable and detailed service. Our apprentices will learn the trade as well as customer service focused skills to ensure exceptional service delivery for each job.


The Home Repair Apprenticeship is a 3 month paid program offering equipment and safety training as well as performing hands on home repairs. During the course of the program the apprentices will learn basic carpentry , plumbing and electrical for residential structures. The skillset learned will be sufficient to enter the trades industry with a foundation for the apprentice to expand their knowledge and expertise n their craft.


During the apprenticeship the apprentice will have both workshop and on the job training .The workshop training focuses on basic skills , equipment use and safety.  The skills learned during workshop will then be used at the job site to complete services for actual clients.​

Benefits of joining our apprenticeship program:

  • No/Little student loan debt upon completion

  • You get paid as you work and learn

  • You broaden your skillset and receive real life work experience

  •  You will receive one on one instruction


  •  Introduction to basic carpentry tools

  • Measuring

  • Blueprints

  •  Framing

  • Trim Carpentry



  • Introduction to basic plumbing tools

  • Toilet Installation

  • Fixture Installation

  • Water Tank Installation

  • Drain Snaking

  • Leak Troubleshooting & Repair



  • Introduction to basic electrical tools and theory

  • Install and repair electrical wiring

  • Light Fixture Installation

  • Light Switch Installation

  • Outlet Installation

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